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The "Objectivist Observer Blog" on Facebook recently asked people to share their thoughts on God. The following is my response. It is also a very abridged sneak-peak at the content and theme of my book in progress:

The Galt-Like God: Meditations of a Christian Egoist

My Thoughts on God?

I think God is that “glaringly evident truth which everyone has decided not to see” – and that’s why He’s seemingly so “hard to explain”.  –Romans 1:19-21
I think His face was the one for which Ayn Rand pined as she conceptualized the heroic being.  Acts 17:27

I think He is the Ultimate Egoist, doing absolutely all that He does for the sake of enjoying His own greatness.  – Psalm 115:3

I think He is the ultimate creative Producer – who is in need of absolutely nothing; who owes nothing to anyone; and upon whom everything and everyone else is utterly dependent for everything, whether they wish to recognize it or not –Acts 17:24-25

I think He is terrifyingly patient, allowing billions of metaphysical parasites to blather on in childish arrogant rebellion about His “non-existence”, His “impotence”, and His “irrationality” as they mooch off of Him with every second, every breath, every thought, every word, and every step –Romans 9:22

I think His intransigent justice demands that all irrationality which defames and devalues the most valuable things in reality (particularly, Himself and His attributes); all rebellion against truth and against reality; all evil be condemned under His just wrath. –Romans 1:18

I think His surpassing pleasure in Himself overflowed in the desire to save some from His just wrath in order to put more of His greatness on display – Isaiah 48:9-11

I think in His marvelous and creative wisdom, He designed a plan to execute salvation for some of those rebellious parasites in a way that compliments, rather than contradicts, His intransigent justice (“righteousness”) ; providing a substitute capable of absorbing the just wrath which is due to each of them – Romans 3: 21-26

I think He will not extend patience forever, but that when He has accomplished all of His good pleasure in this historical drama of rebellion and redemption, He will fully, finally, and decisively put a swift end to all rebellion and irrationality, settling all accounts, and executing His divine justice against all stubborn rebels – simultaneously being exulted in by all who have laid down their arms in happy and rational surrender to the One whom they now solemnly revere. – 2 Thessalonians: 9-10

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