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In his blog entitled "How Objectivism Saved Me", Ryan Pettigrew recounts his experiences with irrational fairytale Christianity and much of the inner turmoil he went through as he attempted to embrace that contradictory worldview. The one thing that saved him from a very likely horrible demise was getting back in touch with reality through the writings of Ayn Rand.
His is a perfect example of the evil perpetrated by modern Christianity which often spurns the attempt to understand objective reality (i.e. the study of philosophy) -- instead, advocating irrationality and faith-based beliefs, thereby sentencing those poor souls who attempt to take it seriously to a life of misery and eventual insanity.
I cannot say whether Pettigrew would have accepted rational Christianity, had it been presented to him, or if he would have stubbornly rebelled anyway -- but that is of little importance. Yes, people will stumble at the truth, but how dare Christians lay down unnecessary stumbling blocks which prevent people from seeing the truth clearly!
Below, you will find my response to him - and in it, a model for the type of response I would highly recommend be employed when engaging any former Christians who are now Objectivists.


Yours is a moving and heroic story. On behalf of rational and sane Christians throughout the world, I sincerely apologize for the evil and irrationality to which you were subjected by self-proclaiming Christians and their twisted worldviews. Furthermore, I am thrilled to hear of your discovery of rational morality (through the writings of Ayn Rand) and your subsequent personal reformation into a man who wants to live life to the fullest in all of the right ways. Rand's sense of life and absolute dedication to reason are fundamental virtues which I wholeheartedly embrace (and highly recommend others do as well). However, it is evident to me that Rand missed the whole picture (in a lot of ways it was no fault of her own), and apart from the whole picture, one's worldview and life cannot properly flourish.

That is why I created my blog: The Christian Egoist. I love Rand, but because of my love for truth, I cannot stop short at her atheism, nominalism, and naturalism. There is more to man than molecules in motion, there is more to objects in reality than just the names and ideas we give to them, and there is more to the universe than infinite regression or causeless action. God exists - but not the God of modern Christian fairytales. He is a God of reason and justice and self-esteem. He is a God who is an awful lot like John Galt -- and He is very serious about pursuing His greatest pleasure in all that He does (which is everything). One of the things that pleases Him most is the delight of His creatures as they admire and revere Him, trusting His intransigent goodness even in the midst of seemingly horrible circumstances - because they know (the way Francisco knew on his last night with Dagny before striking, that Galt "was right" and that he must 'give up' on Dagny and his former world) that God is irrevocably good and wise and trustworthy in all that He does.

I hope that the writing on my blog (and elsewhere) can serve to inspire more (not less) love for reason and for life; that it can challenge you to become a man of deeper self-esteem and deeper values; and that it can help lead you to a truly fulfilled and un-wasted life.

Selfishly yours,
In Christ,

3 thoughts on “Response to an ex-Christian Objectivist

  1. GregB

    Nicely said Jacob! God bless! Christian walk is a personal relationship with God, no two are the same.

  2. Linda Anderson

    Wonderful letter to Ryan. I, too, sometimes struggle at balancing my "faith" with my "reason". Before I read your posts on Galt's Gulch, I was limping along with only the encouragement of Thomas Paines' writing. Although I'm not a Christian, I am a Deist, but your words ring true nonetheless. We must each walk our individual path, and your wisdome is helping more than I can tell you. You've articulated for me many of my own thoughts about God and his wisdom. Thanks again, Jacob. As Dave Allen used to say, may your God go with you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Linda. I am happy to be encouraging and intellectually / spiritually stimulating to you. Please feel free to "Like" The Christian Egoist on Facebook ( for updates and tidbits of intellectual stimulation and inspiration.


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