Episode 1: Introduction & Overview

This is the first episode of The Christian Egoist Podcast!

It is also the first episode in the series on Arguments for the Existence of God. 




In this episode, I begin with a brief introduction of myself and my work, and then explain that this series is interacting heavily with Dr. Diana Hsieh's series on the same topic (More on her and her series below). Then, I give an overview of my various audiences, along with unique challenges to each. In sum though, my challenge to everyone in my audience on this (and every other issue) is to be devoted to the truth, whatever the costs!

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About Dr. Hsieh & Her Series

If you don't know of, or haven't listened to, Dr. Hsieh's podcast, you should! She is an Objectivist philosopher who, in spite of being an atheist, deals very respectfully and fairly with the traditional arguments for the existence of God. She also just seems like an all around great person who is passionate about applying "rational principles to everyday life"––which happens to be the slogan of her podcast: Philosophy in Action

I would recommend listening to her series either before, or along-side of, my own, as I will be responding to much of what she has said.

This episode corresponds to her First Episode which can be found here.

Before listening to my next episode, I'd recommend listening to her episodes on The Cosmological Argument, which are: Episode 2 (Overview of the Argument) and Episode 3 (Objections to the Argument)


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2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Introduction & Overview

  1. James Jackson

    How can we contact you if we have questions on how to convince objectivists that believing in Jesus Christ and Christianity is rational and logical?

    1. The Christian Egoist

      Post author

      Hello James!
      The best way to reach me is to message me through the Facebook page for The Christian Egoist. If you don't have Facebook, comment on here and I will find another way of getting in touch.


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