What is Truth?

How do you know the Truth?

And, how do you know that you know?

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy which studies Truth and Truth Criteria -- and therefore it is profoundly essential for all thought and ideas. An error in epistemology will result in errors throughout one's worldview. And conversely, a proper epistemology will provide the foundations for certainty in one's entire worldview. Such is the goal of the following posts:

Epistemology: Truth Criteria

The Anti-Truth Laws: Objectivist Epistemology

There is No Such Thing As Scripture "Apart" From Philosophy

The Categories of Objective Epistemology

Logical Necessity: Part 1

Logical Necessity: Part 2

D'Souze vs. Bernstein: Is Either Good for Mankind?

The "Christian" Fairytale

Jesus Christ AND Ayn Rand?

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