Re: Objectivism

Because of it's stated dedication to reason and objective reality, Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism is one of the best philosophies today - and arguably, in history. However, for whatever reason (I have my theories) Rand made some profound errors in the foundations of her epistemology and metaphysics, resulting in her Atheism and Naturalism.

The following posts are intended to correct those errors, and to present the Classical Christian Worldview as the only rational option for the lover of Objective Truth.

The Straw Man Series

God: The Immovable Mover - Why Ayn Rand Should Have Been a Theist

The Anti-Truth Laws: Objectivist Epistemology


D'Souza vs. Bernstein: Is Either Good for Mankind? -Review of the Debate

Response to an Ex-Christian Objectivist

The Galt-Like God

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